Norregård Hotell och Konferens, Gröna Torg, 239 40 Falsterbo

Food philosophy

This is our food philosophy

In the details, the professional craftsmanship is labeled and we believe that it’s the details that create the big pitcure. At Norregård aim to give the guest a whole experience around the food and surroundings which includes and forfill all of our senses. The food is inspired and characterized by the Scandinavian food culture, but the finishing result have influences from around the world. We care about the local and work as far as possible with organic commodities. Therefore we follow the season’s best supply of vegetable. This is a way for us to grow closer to the nature outside our window.

Good food together with great company is a matter of course for us.
Welcome to Norregård – kitchen, hotel and conference


Our commodities

At Norregård we care about the environment. Therefore, we aim to prepare breakfast, coffee, lunch as well as dinner with locally produced and organic commodities. The gardens of Skåne, the lakes, the ocean and  the fields are our best partners, where we know that the quality and flavor don’t come through chemical taste enhancers or confusing additives. Norregården’s kitchen stands for genuine and untouched food in elegant and innovative presentation.


At Norregård we serve beverage from all corners of the world. We try to locate the slightly less well-known wine houses and producers who have their heart and soul in their craftwork. Our beer and juices are produced locally, to compensate for the distance between us and the vineyards. Both our knowledgeable waiters/waitresses such as our chefs look extra carefully for the natural, organic goodies that meet our guests’ requirements for quality.