Weddings, Parties and Other Events in Falsterbo

Feasts and Holidays

Norregård’s unique environment, with its two inner courtyards, is perfect for parties and celebrations up to 80 persons.

We arrange everything from cocktail parties in tents underteath our big and beautiful apple tree to your company’s annual Christmas party or wedding parties/dinners in our modernly furnished, timeless dining room.

Weddings at Norregård

Are you getting married?! Congratulations!

We would love to get the honor to take care of your big day. Allow us to organize an unforgettable wedding  for you.

We offer an all in all experience with accommodation for you and your guests with everything from  mingle, fantastic wedding menu with well suited beverage, wedding cake, bar/dance, night food and the closing brunch.

For more information about our wedding arrangements, please contact our wedding director Babak Familkohoda on




Furnishing & Number

Proper furnishing is important at every party and wedding. At Hotel Norregård we can accommodate up to 80 persons in different seatings.


Memorable Moments

Celebrate all the memorable moments of life with us at Norregård

We organize and help you with your birthday party, baptism, business kick-offs or barbecue buffet a warm summer evening. Our stunning courtyard with the large old apple tree and our spacious dining room are suitable for private parties. With our passion for cooking, every feast is special for us. 

At Norregård we have room for up to 80 eating guests in different types of seating.

Please contact us for more details.